water maker

The ALPHA H20 air to water generators literally transforms the air into the most cleanest, freshest and healthiest drinking water available on the planet today


The ALPHA h2o Atmospheric Water Generators will deliver to you an uninterrupted supply of Clean Fresh Water every day. We have a unique range of drinking water solutions that can be located in your home or the office or our industrial units that can create unlimited quantities of drinking water.


The ALPHA h2o produces the purest freshest water which can be dispensed hot or cold with temperature control. The system dehumidifies your working and living environment. At the same time the ALPHA h2o purifies the air you breathe. The system eliminates over 90% of airborne germs and dust found in the air we breathe.


If you are buying bottled water or having it delivered to your home of office you are simply paying too much. When you buy bottled water you are paying in direct proportion to the amount of water you consume. Every litre of bottled water can cost as much as 1 EUR. Just think of how many bottles of water are consumed at home or at your office. Think about it, bottled water is more expensive than Petrol! The ALPHA h2o 28  will produce upto 28 litres of pure fresh drinking every day. The cost of this water is no more than 3 cents per litre.


Did you know that not every empty plastic bottle is recycled? Millions just end up littering our streets and polluting the environment we live in.

Most plastic water bottles are not recycled. The vast majority (80%) of the 1.5 million tons of plastic used globally each year in water bottles ends up in landfills, since many bottles are consumed on the go, outside the home
The distribution of bottled water by truck and rail burns fossil fuels and results in the release of thousands of tons of harmful emissions.
The filtration and processing of bottled water consumes large amounts of electricity.